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Submit your juicy desires and secrets on your favorite soaps here!

chicks67 said: It's not juicy, or anything, but, do you know a kind, diplomatic, Chicago-based entertainment journalist, or reporter who can interview me with my three topics, which have a lot to do with soap opera stars and music? I need someone who can make my dreams a reality. Thank you very much, and please answer me back on Monday. Have the awesome rest of the weekend.

I’m really sorry but no I don’t=(. I’m from New York, and don’t even know any NY-based entertainment journalists/reporters to help me with my dreams as well. I understand how it feels, wanting your work and/or ideas to be noticed. I, myself, am in the same boat, but am waiting until I have half of my work officially completed and settle in at my new college to get noticed.

I’m very sorry that I’m unable to help you, but I wish you a lot of luck! If you ever want someone to talk to about your work, share it with and get feedback and vice versa (I’d love someone to read some of the soap I have written/am re-writing) please let me know! Writers and soap fans like us need to stick together! Take care dear<3.

Anonymous said: I hate the name Connie she will always be Georgie to me. The name Connie was only for sonny and Olivia's benefit Dante never had a relationship with her unless it had to do with his parents and lulu worked for Kate not Connie and they were not that close they should just rename her Georgianna "Georgie" Morgan Jones-Spinelli after her parents two best friends

Fabulous secret!! I want you to know that even though I’m sitting down I’m giving you a standing ovation!!

Just letting you know that it’s too but to fit on one picture, so I’ll have to break it up into 2-3 secrets but it’ll say exactly what you put!!

Keep me Rolling In!!